Pregnancy Photography

All I see are stars in your eyes

Once upon a time in Mzanzi land, long before I ever dreamt of becoming a pregnancy photographer in Polokwane. I ...
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Kids Photographer in Polokwane

Creating From Nothing

A barren landscape can be turned into a place filled with people and homes. What was once barren becomes a ...
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Wedding Photographer in Polokwane

Blue skies and bubbles of hope

It was a beautiful sunny day. The sky, blue with no cloud in sight. Bubbles of hope in the air ...
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Photographers in Polokwane

Ndi a ni funa

I love all my work but my “sweet spot”, the thing that makes me smile from the inside out is ...
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i dream in colour logo

I dream qalong (the beginning)

When I began designing the website I was totally against the idea of including a blog. The reasoning I thought, ...
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