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All I see are stars in your eyes

Once upon a time in Mzanzi land, long before I ever dreamt of becoming a pregnancy photographer in Polokwane. I was befriended by a young lady by the name of Nomsa. Nomsa loved the Twilight saga, she loved all their movies, had all their books. One soundtrack from Twilight is saved for that day when they close the road and bring out the speakers with Brenda Fassie singing “It’s a wedding...
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Creating From Nothing

A barren landscape can be turned into a place filled with people and homes. What was once barren becomes a hub where families live and thrive. For instance, take the phrase, “What are you binge-watching?” It has become part of the everyday lexicon. Gone are the days when you had to wait an entire week for the next episode of your favourite show to air. Do you remember a world where Amapiano...
Wedding Photographer in Polokwane

Blue skies and bubbles of hope

It was a beautiful sunny day. The sky, blue with no cloud in sight. Bubbles of hope in the air. It was like someone had been blowing bubbles of hope and when you popped one bubble minute dust particles of hope would gently fall on you. We were driving back to Polokwane conversation flowing in the air hope does that. Without warning it seemed we were approaching a storm. A dark cloud huffed and...
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Ndi a ni funa

I love all my work but my “sweet spot”, the thing that makes me smile from the inside out is couples shoots. It is like a light flickers the moment I receive a request to do a couples shoot and it grows bigger and bigger and remains with me long after delivery has been made. Long after my outward smile has faded. There is a foolishness and childishness about love. It makes no sense for anyone...
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I dream qalong (the beginning)

When I began designing the website I was totally against the idea of including a blog. The reasoning I thought, “I don’t have time for this”. Isn’t that always the case when we don’t want to do something? When the truth is we always make time for the things we love. Honesty, writing scares me and always has. I enjoy reading and I often wonder why anyone would get naked and share their...

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