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I dream qalong (the beginning)

When I began designing the website I was totally against the idea of including a blog. The reasoning I thought, “I don’t have time for this”. Isn’t that always the case when we don’t want to do something? When the truth is we always make time for the things we love.

Honesty, writing scares me and always has. I enjoy reading and I often wonder why anyone would get naked and share their nakedness with anyone who took the time to read whatever they had written.  At least that’s how my mind’s eye sees it. You see, when you create you give away the finest pieces of yourself, this is the law of art. Art requires a depth of honestly that I am often reluctant to expose.


My stubbornness would not relent even though I had read a few photography articles that recommended I include a blog on the website. My mind had decided and would never be changed. Who cared what other photographers with many years of experience said?


Change of heart or mind happens when we go about our daily living. Sometimes it happens in subtle moments, moments that we don’t even recall. If asked we would never be able to pin point the exact hour, minute and second the heart of the mind changed. Then there are those occasions when the hour, minute and second will forever be engraved, that moment when the heart of the mind had a change.


For me that day unfolded like any other day. I dropped by my sister’s place can’t remember why but that’s not important. What I do remember is her excitement. A package she had been waiting for weeks had arrived. It had been delayed due to the December holidays. There were several items in the box. She showed me a cook book “Dijo” by Lesego Semenya. I’m not a lover of preparing food so I didn’t know who this Lesego person was. I was however at a place where I wanted to explore food and from paging through the book I adored the photography. I had to bring my negotiation skills to the table as I tried to convince Vanessa to take the book home with me. Book lovers will understand that we don’t loan out books under any circumstances even to family members. What worked in my favour was that there was a certain Apple (iSomething) product that had come with the delivery in Vanessa’s hand and she had been exploring it and the book was still in the box. I left with the book thanks to Steve Jobs.


What I have learned from Lesego’s cookbook. Cooking is not that bad I overcame my fear of bread making and my first attempt was not bad. Respect your craft is what echoes through the book. Instead of just giving us a book with a collection of recipes Lesego choose to take us on a journey with the stunning photos, the explanations of where the recipes came from, a few tips here and there and the cherry on top his own food journey. Lesego’s journey has convinced me to add a blog because as people we love hearing how things came to be.


Geraldine Majoro-Phafula




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You are an artist through and through. Through photography and your words.. Well done G


I have no words Gerrie. You truly respect your craft shame. I am so in awe of the outcome having had i glimpse of it in the beginning stages. Kudos


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